Garden Citi specialized services                for your organic needs             

Ingredients Sourcing 

We have been supplying organic ingredients all over the world since 2016. We are proud to supply you with NOP, EU, certified products. We bring you products from processor and farmers that withstood test of time and quality.  By working with Garden Citi LLC. you will receive competitive pricing, documentation and comfort of knowing that what you asked for will be delivered as requested. 

Contract Farming 

Sometimes, there is a variety of vegetable or fruit needed for your project that is not commonly found or certain specification which is produced by growing with a special set of instructions need  With our network of partner farmers and growing programs we can help assist and plan a season with what you want to grow before harvest

Contract Processing 

We work with a wide range of partnering processors from basic organic bean processors, kernel processors, organic freeze dry operations, IQF processors, canneries to advance processors such as extract processors and spray-dry operation. Tell us what processed product you need and we can figure out a way to produce what is needed for your project

Distribution in Asia

If you have a strong contending health food product that you want to bring into Asia market, we would love to discuss being your import and distribution partner. We are familiar with the high end and organic  food culture , preference and have direct access to 250 mid-level high end/import food stores and organic stores in Asia along with internet selling platforms.  


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